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ESG and Sustainable Business Operations


At Oracle Solicitors, our deep commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is unwavering.

Environmental Stewardship

Continuously reduce our carbon footprint, promote resource efficiency, and invest in sustainable technologies. Our aim is to minimise our environmental impact and actively contribute to a healthier planet. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Champion fair labour practices, promote employee well-being, and engage with our communities through philanthropy and volunteerism. We are committed to being a responsible corporate employer. 

Ethical Governance

Uphold rigorous corporate governance standards, maintain transparency, and ensure ethical conduct at all levels of our organisation. Our commitment to ethical governance guarantees trust and accountability. 

Our commitment to creating a Sustainable Business Environment:

At Oracle Solicitors, we believe that a sustainable business environment extends to our customers and suppliers. We will: 

Our Leadership Team


Im Jahr 2002 gründete Sajjad Shan Oracle Solicitors. Unter seiner Leitung hat sich die Kanzlei von Stärke zu Stärke zu einer Full-Service-Anwaltskanzlei entwickelt.


Claire kam 2010 zu Oracle und wurde 2016 schnell Director. Sie ist jetzt Head of Operations für die Firma. Sie ist sowohl in Zivil- als...

Esther Schmid

Esther Schmid hat einen Master-Abschluss in International Business und ist zertifizierte Expertin für ESG-Risikobewertung und integrierte Managementsysteme.