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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We champion Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

Diversity, Equity and inclusion are at the heart of our DNA.

Fostering an inclusive workplace

where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered.

Promoting diversity

throughout our supply chain and customer base.

What is our DE&I purpose?

We have identified that fostering a just culture that reflects the communities we serve. We are proud of our workforce and the talent that each and everyone brings to their roles. As part of our goals for 2024, Oracle Solicitors continues to build on our culture by refining our metrics that are inspired by the opportunities that D&I offers. We are continuing to learn and improve the way we practice D&I, communicate our values both internally and externally, transparently share our gained insights and lessons learned, and set an example to our communities. 

Why DE&I at Oracle Solicitors?

A recent McKinsey survey revealed that workers value the following criteria (in order of importance): 

  • Adequate total compensation
  • Meaningful work
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Career development and advancement
  • Reliable and supportive people at work
  • Safe workplace environment

Being informed by such trends and further empirical data, Oracle Solicitors are bench-marking their continuous development and refinement of valuable metrics and data. Our aim is to stand out as a champion of a culture of mutual respect and attracting and empowering talent to better serve our customers. 

The basis of our diversity

Promoting Gender Equity through Talent Initiatives

As part of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we aim to champion gender balance across our organization. This is reflected in our proactive efforts to attract, retain and advance women legal professionals. 


This is achieved by regularly setting representation targets, reviewing our hiring practices for gender bias, providing leadership training for women, accommodating flexible schedules, and tracking promotion rates.  


We have realised that creating suitable policies around parental leave, childcare support, and equal pay help create a supportive culture for working parents. Mentorship programs, women's networks and education on unconscious bias enable the level professional growth we strive for as an organisation.   


Therefore, by implementing thoughtful talent management practices, we can nurture gender diversity at all levels of our firm. This not only strengthens our team, and upholds our values around equity and belonging, but has an influencing effect on our supply chain as champions and role models of gender balance. 


We have learned that as leaders, we must model inclusive behaviours and challenge outdated norms. A diverse team makes us more innovative, resilient, and responsive to client needs. With our comprehensive strategy, our firm can realise the promise of equal participation and advancement for all legal professionals regardless of gender. 

Championing Racial and Ethnic Diversity

To more fully reflect the clients and communities we serve, Oracle Solicitors is committed to promote and celebrate the full racial and ethnic diversity of our society. Our diversity is our strength and we are dedicated to actively tackle possible barriers and eliminate any kind of bias from all talent management and career development processes. 


Our strategies include regular reviews of our hiring processes for bias, setting representation goals, and training managers on inclusive hiring practices.   


Once hired, we support the growth and retention of racially diverse attorneys through mentorship programs, leadership development, and lawyer associations focused on underrepresented groups. 


It is crucial we have visible role models at the partner level and leaders who authentically champion diversity. Speaking out against racism and injustice, inside and outside the firm, also signals our allyship.  

Advancing LGBTQ+ Inclusion

To promote diversity and belonging, we seek to create a welcoming, supportive environment for LGBTQ+ professionals. This is reflected in our proactive efforts across talent management and workplace culture. 


Strategies include implementing inclusive policies around talent management, benefits, dress codes and facilities use. Training to mitigate unconscious bias and using preferred pronouns signals our commitment.   


We support LGBTQ+ lawyers through allyship, mentorship, leadership development and affiliated network groups.  


By fostering an affirming culture of safety, respect, and authenticity, we can attract and retain diverse LGBTQ+ legal talent. Their unique perspectives strengthen our practice and our firm. 

Expanding Opportunities through Social Mobility

To live our values around access, equity and community, our law firm aims to improve social mobility for legal professionals from all backgrounds. This requires purposeful efforts to recruit, develop and advance lawyers despite socioeconomic obstacles. 


Our mitigating strategies include considering hardships in evaluating gaps in experience, and providing mentorship focusing on soft skills crucial to advancement.  


Since accommodating more flexible work arrangements, childcare support, and transportation options makes our firm mores accessible we are considering the individual circumstances of each of our members of staff and champion merit and grit over pedigree. The diversity of perspectives we gain makes our legal services and culture richer.  


With a comprehensive approach, we are a firm known for advancing social justice - both in the clients we represent, and the lawyers we empower. 

Prioritising Colleagues’ Wellness

To enable our colleagues to thrive, our firm strives to nurture mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. This requires mitigating stressors and providing supportive resources. 


Strategies include training on work-life balance, having an Employee Assistance Programme in place, social activities to prevent isolation, confidential counselling, regular work breaks, and prohibiting excessive work demands. Vulnerability and self-care are encouraged over glorifying overwork. 


A compassionate, human-centred culture increases productivity, creativity and resilience. Therefore, the mental health challenges prevalent in our profession call for proactive support systems and stigma reduction. Our commitment to our staff as whole people has compounding benefits. 

Embracing Religious Diversity

To fully live our values of equity and respect, our law firm strives to create an inclusive environment for legal professionals of diverse faith backgrounds. This requires understanding and respecting various religious needs and supporting lawyers and staff accordingly. 


Our strategies include allowing flexible scheduling for religious observances, awareness training on mitigating bias against religious minorities, providing private spaces for prayer, accommodating religious attire, adjusting dress codes, and allowing days off for significant holidays. 


We have learned that by being knowledgeable and compassionate regarding the religious diversity of our workforce, we can foster a culture of belonging. Our firm is strengthened when people feel safe bringing their whole, authentic selves to work. 


A professional environment welcoming of all creeds reflects our highest values of justice, understanding and human dignity. With purposeful efforts, our law firm exemplifies those ideals. 

Facilitating Career-Family Integration

To retain and empower top legal talent, our firm aims to create a supportive environment for balancing ambitious careers and family caregiving. This requires adapting policies, schedules, and norms around flexibility. 


Strategies include telecommuting options, and alternative as well as flexible work arrangements. Diversity efforts factor in family demands. 


Our inclusion and awareness training teaches us to look out for pitfalls and bias against working parents.  


By accommodating caregiving needs, we allow more lawyers to fully contribute their skills over the lifespan. Extending compassion around family demands fosters loyalty and engagement. 


Our commitment to our people means investing in their growth at all stages - as developing professionals, seasoned experts, and caring family members alike. Supporting Careers and Families Strengthens Our Firm. 

Valuing Wisdom across Generations

To fully leverage collective experience, our law firm strives to cultivate an age-inclusive environment. This requires attracting, engaging, and retaining legal professionals from all generations and life stages.  


Our strategies include recruiting from lateral markets across age cohorts, considering developmental stage over chronological age, facilitating mentorship in both directions, and adapting policies around flexible schedules. 


Intergenerational teams allow knowledge transfer, combating assumptions of technological prowess or competence. Age diversity on leadership teams provides balance. 


By valuing the wisdom of tenured lawyers alongside the fresh thinking of younger emerging talent, our firm gains perspective. Their collaboration makes us more creative, responsive, and resilient. 


A culture that respects generational diversity has room for ambition and change as well as expertise and memory. With inclusive attitudes and practices, the generations within our firm propel each other - and our firm - to new heights. 

Promoting Neurodiversity

While visible diversity sets clear signals that are easily perceived, full diversity is achieved by tapping into the strengths of all available talent, thus including diversity of thought. This includes the requirement to understand the needs of lawyers and staff with conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or anxiety, and implementing inclusive policies and practices for all. 


Strategies include offering flexibility in work arrangements, providing quiet spaces and noise-cancelling tools, allowing use of assistive technologies, granting additional time on assignments, and destigmatising disclosures. 


We regard training for managers to raise awareness on mitigating bias and supporting different needs as crucial. Mentors versed in navigating the professional world with learning differences are invaluable. 


By being proactive and compassionate, we enable neurodivergent legal professionals to contribute meaningfully. Their unique perspectives energise our problem-solving and fresh approaches to complex work. 


Our supportive, accepting environment allows for diversity in thinking and work styles.  

Promoting Equality through Disability Inclusion

To provide equal opportunities for all, our firm aims to create a welcoming and accessible environment for legal professionals with disabilities. This requires proactive efforts across policies, workplace design, and culture. 


Strategies include reasonable accommodations in scheduling, assistive technologies, physical spaces, communication methods, and work arrangements.  


By making small adjustments and changes in mindset, we reduce barriers to enable the full participation of disabled professionals. Their lived experiences strengthen our counsel and judgment.  


An accessible, stigma-free culture allows the everyone to bring their authentic selves and talents to bear. Our entire firm gains wisdom when voices from all walks of life contribute. 

Our Leadership Team


Sajjad ist Solicitor (England und Wales) und gründete Oracle Solicitors in 2002. Er verfügt über umfangreiche Referenzen im Bereich Commercial, Straf- und Zivilrecht.


Claire is the Chief Operating Officer. She is responsible for the overall operational performance of the Group and ensuring that the executive strategy is implemented.

Esther Schmid

Esther leads the Oracle Solicitors office in Germany. She holds a degree in business administration and has many years of experience in management roles as...