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Labour Law

Labor law is a complex field that is constantly changing. At Oracle, we can provide competent advice and support on all associated topics.

Our lawyers have extensive experience advising individuals and organisations, including small and medium-sized businesses, trade unions, local governments, and larger private companies, on a variety of labour law issues, ranging from working conditions to complex labour court litigation. These range from working conditions to complex labor-related legal disputes, as well as outsourcing and restructuring project

We employ the right strategies to achieve our clients desired solution.

We understand that clients need clarity and transparency regarding costs. Therefore, depending on the type of advice and support required, we offer a range of fee options.

Our Labour Law Services

Services for Employers

The lawyers in the Oracle Group have years of experience advising organisations in various industries, including healthcare, fashion, leisure, financial services, and IT, in the private and public sectors on the intricacies of labour law.

The services we offer to employers include:

We understand that resolving a labour legal issue involves not only the financial costs of defending an individual claim but also the reputational impact and ensuring appropriate measures for equipping an organisation for the future are often equally important to many employers.

Services for Employees

We advise employees at all levels, including executives, professionals, managers, administrative staff, and manual workers, on a range of labour law matters.

For example:

We offer an initial consultation at a fixed price, where we can discuss the prospects of your case, potential compensation (if applicable), and fee options if you decide to pursue your matter further.


If you are dismissed, your employer must provide a valid reason and demonstrate that they have acted reasonably. Additionally, the action must be consistent and properly investigated.

Check your contract for your notice period.

If you have been dismissed or threatened with dismissal, contact our labour law team.

If your employer does not have a valid reason for your dismissal or has failed to follow the company's disciplinary procedure, you may be able to take legal action.

Contact our team, and we can review your situation and explain the next steps.


Sajjad ist Solicitor (England und Wales) und gründete Oracle Solicitors in 2002. Er verfügt über umfangreiche Referenzen im Bereich Commercial, Straf- und Zivilrecht.

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