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Energy Law

The energy sector is constantly adapting, with the world looking at cleaner energy sources and the implementation of Net Zero projects across the globe.

We provide comprehensive corporate and commercial legal services tailored to the energy sector. Our understanding of Energy Law, we are here to help ensure your success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

We offer a wide range of advisory services that cater to every facet of energy, power, and utilities projects. Our energy lawyers provide strategic solutions that empower companies .

Our services

Consents and Planning Applications: Our experts guide clients through the complex process of obtaining consents and planning approvals, ensuring your project meets all legal requirements seamlessly.

Joint Development Programs: Collaborative ventures are key to innovation in the energy sector. Our lawyers assist you in structuring and negotiating joint development programs, allowing you to harness the potential of partnerships while safeguarding your interests.

Financing, Mergers, and Acquisitions: We understand the financial intricacies of energy projects. Whether you’re seeking financing solutions or considering mergers and acquisitions, our team offers strategic guidance to secure your investments and drive growth

Routes to Market: Our experts help you identify the most effective distribution channels, enabling you to optimise your energy project’s reach and profitability.

Energy Trade: Our experts help you from A to Z on international trade of energy commodities and projects, both of the digital and physical deliveries. In this regard we have rich experiences on negotiation, contract drafting and reviewing, deal structure advise and risk management during contract performance.

Energy Regulation: : Staying compliant with energy regulations is paramount. Our in-depth knowledge of energy regulations ensures that your projects remain aligned with the legal framework, reducing the risk of penalties or disruptions.

Why Choose us for Your Energy Law Needs?

Our lawyers possess extensive knowledge of corporate and commercial law, particularly in the realm of energy. This expertise empowers us to provide targeted solutions that meet the unique challenges of the energy sector.

We tailor our corporate advice and strategies to align with your business’s objectives, ensuring that we support your growth. Our experts have a wealth of experience working in and with the energy sector. Therefore, we can offer comprehensive legal services under one roof, streamlining your legal needs and providing a one-stop-shop for all your energy law requirements.

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