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China Business

The China Business Team is based in Frankfurt am Main and works closely with the other Oracle Solicitors offices to serve our clients with a Chinese background as well as our EU clients who have business relationships with China.

As a strategic orientation, we have created the starting point for our presence in the Asian markets and are continuously focusing on expansion. We believe that we have great potential there.

Our China Business Team is at your side

Our team consists of experienced Chinese and German lawyers with extensive knowledge in corporate law, labour law, contract law and energy law, mergers and acquisitions, commercial disputes and international trade.

In addition to providing professional legal advice, we always offer our clients comprehensive and constructive solutions to achieve their business goals based on our experience in investment projects and business operations.

Furthermore, we focus on legislative trends, especially in the industry, to provide our clients with added value for their strategic decisions.


Ning ist Anwalt und praktiziert in chinesischem und internationalen Recht. Er ist Experte in Unternehmenstransaktionen mit chinesischen Klienten.