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Aviation Law

Our experienced lawyers in our aviation team are available to provide comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of the aerospace industry. We understand the complexities and regulations surrounding aviation, we strive to deliver exceptional service and support to our clients.

Aviation is an industry like no other, and at Oracle, we take pride in embodying the qualities that make it so unique. As a dynamic firm, we adapt our services to meet the changing needs of our clients at every stage of their growth and development. Whether you are a large international airline or an ambitious regional operator, we offer customised legal advice that matches your specific requirements and resources.

Within our aviation team, our lawyers, practicing in multiple jurisdictions across Europe, have the reach and broad expertise to meet the ambitions of our clients. We understand the international nature of the aviation industry and the intricacies of operating in different regulatory environments.

We go the extra mile to assist our clients in achieving their goals and never settle for the status quo. Instead, we develop new and creative approaches to achieve successful outcomes. Our dedication to excellence and innovation sets us apart, and we are relentless in our pursuit of success on behalf of our clients.

Our team of aviation lawyers: Your trusted advisors

The aviation team at Oracle consists of highly skilled professionals with diverse talents who work together towards a common goal – to help our clients.

Our dedicated lawyers are aviation experts and are well-versed in the technical vocabulary and intricacies of the industry. We work closely with our clients, fostering a collaborative and seamless partnership. Additionally, our integrated approach ensures that our teams in employment law, commercial law, and other areas always provide the best advice and support.

Comprehensive legal support for the aviation industry

At Oracle Solicitors, we offer a variety of legal services to support the needs of aviation companies in various areas, including:

Passenger rights-related claims: We handle claims related to passenger rights in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, the Montreal Convention, and other consumer laws. Whether it’s a large volume of cases or strategic litigation, our expertise allows us to efficiently process these claims without compromising on high quality.

Aircraft leasing and contractual matters: Our team assists you with aircraft leasing, agreements with airports, and other contractual matters. We ensure that your agreements are well-drafted and that your interests are protected throughout the transaction process.

Employment law: We offer support for complex employment law issues and assist HR departments in resolving employee disputes. Our team creates and maintains aviation policies and employment contracts, providing invaluable legal support.

Aviation regulation, licenses, and more

Understanding the regulatory framework is crucial. Our lawyers are familiar with the intricacies of German and international aviation regulation, including safety, environmental, consumer, and financial regulations. We stay updated on the latest changes and ensure that your company complies with legal requirements.

Our expertise also extends to areas such as aircraft leasing and financing, contracts in commercial aviation, drone regulation, helicopter operations, and aerospace manufacturing. Whatever your legal needs may be, we have the knowledge and experience to provide tailored solutions and guide you through the intricacies of the law.

Contact us for expert support in aviation law

When it comes to aviation law, Oracle Solicitors is a trusted partner. Our dynamic, international, and competitive approach, combined with our diverse team of aviation experts, sets us apart. We strive to provide exceptional legal services that meet your unique needs and challenges.

To learn more about our aviation law services and how we can assist you, contact us today at (+49) 69 9675 8891 or click here, and we will be happy to schedule a consultation..


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