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Insurance claims

At Oracle Solicitors, we specialise in handling insurance disputes. We have handled complex cases involving a wide range of insurance issues, from building insurance claims to flood and fire insurance disputes.

Please contact our specialised team to assess and advise on whether you can take legal action if your insurer denies your claim. With extensive experience, we have learned to make this time-consuming process as efficient and painless as possible.

We can provide you with advice on obtaining insurance products and policy terms, as well as insurance regulation and guidance on onerous contracts.

Our expert team can assist you with the following areas:

How can we help?

If you have an insurance dispute and are unsure about the way forward, please contact us to determine if you can make a claim against the insurer.

Contact us on (+49) 69 9675 8891 or click here, to leave your message with your contact details, and we will get back to you to organise a consultation.


If your company needs to file an insurance claim, consider the following aspects:

Review insurance coverage: Carefully review your insurance policy to understand the scope of coverage, exclusions, and conditions that apply to your claim.

Document the incident: Gather all relevant information and documents related to the incident, such as photos, videos, witness statements, and any other evidence that supports your claim. Accurate documentation of the details will strengthen your case during the claims process.

Notify the insurance provider: Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the incident and initiate the claims process. Provide all necessary information, including policy details, date and time of the incident, and a detailed description of what happened.

If a dispute arises with the insurer, ensure that you follow the correct procedures and gather evidence to expedite the process once experts like us are engaged.

If you encounter challenges or disputes during the insurance claims process, consider the following:

Review the policy: Carefully read through your insurance policy to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations. Pay attention to the claims process, deadlines, and any dispute resolution procedures specified in the policy.

Seek professional advice: We are experts in insurance disputes, and our experience can provide guidance to your company.

Maintain communication: Maintain open and regular communication with your insurance provider. Clearly articulate your concerns, provide any additional information requested, and address any questions. We can assist you in communicating with your insurer.

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