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Energy Regulation

Our Energy Law team are committed to offering legal guidance that helps you to understand the intricacies of energy regulation. We ensure that your energy projects are compliant, strategic, and aligned with your general objectives.

Our Energy Regulation Advisory Services

We understand that energy regulation plays a huge role in the sector’s dynamics. Our bespoke advisory services are designed to guide you through regulatory challenges.

Our range of services includes:

Electricity Regulation and Licensing: We have a comprehensive understanding of licensing and regulatory frameworks. Our experts assist you in securing licenses, permits, and approvals, ensuring your energy projects meet all legal requirements.

Renewables: AGiven the ever-changing landscape of renewable energy regulations, our advisory services include feed-in tariffs, grid connection requirements, and compliance with green energy mandates

Incentives Rules: Governments often offer incentives to promote sustainable energy. We can help you capitalise on these incentives while adhering to the rules and regulations governing their application.

Competition and Subsidy Control: With energy markets becoming more competitive, compliance with competition and subsidy control rules is crucial. We provide advice on antitrust laws and subsidy regulations.

Nuclear: Nuclear energy is subject to stringent regulations for safety and environmental protection. Our experts offer comprehensive legal support for nuclear projects, from regulatory approvals to compliance with safety standards.

Carbon Trading: Carbon trading and emissions regulations are becoming increasingly relevant. Our team assist you in understanding and complying with carbon trading frameworks, emissions reporting, and offset programs.

Decommissioning: At the end of an energy project’s lifecycle, proper decommissioning is vital. ur legal team ensures you meet all decommissioning requirements, including environmental restoration and liability management.

EHS Regulation: Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) regulations impact every aspect of energy projects. We provide legal advice to help you navigate those requirements.

Why Choose Oracle British and Irish Solicitors for Energy Regulation advice?

Our legal team possesses extensive knowledge of energy regulations and stays updated with the latest developments. We tailor our advice to align with your business goals and our support covers the entire project lifecycle, offering you a comprehensive legal partner.

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